Experience the benefits a Pain Management specialist offers and reduce your chronic pain today.


  • Providing the patient with enough time to tell their full story and collaboratively with the Physio, identify the most important issues that are limiting recovery
  • Treatment directed at cause of symptoms and not just symptoms themselves
  • Functional assessment and treatment, targeted at addressing the issues the patient has raised.

A new mum and retail worker was first seen by our Physio nearly five months after her initial wrist injury. In the 19 weeks previous to her appointment, the patient had received an anti-inflammatory injection and was also immobilised in a wrist splint. Unfortunately, the patient reported no improvements in her pain and disability levels and felt that her overall condition had worsened. During her initial consultation with the Physio, the patient was allowed enough time to tell the story of her injury and how it was affecting her life at the moment. In partnership with the patient, the Physio was able to identify the main barriers to recovery and the issues that were most important to the patient. These were:

  • Development of shoulder pain due to not being able to use her arm properly
  • Unable to perform normal work