Biosymm’s headquarters are based in Perth, Western Australia, but our team services our clients’ nationwide, as well as in regional and remote areas. Like most Physiotherapy businesses, Biosymm started out as a private practice within a medical centre. In this environment, we continually encountered obstacles treating injured workers and became frustrated at having our treatment success impacted heavily by issues beyond our control.

Kieran Bell was the original founder of Biosymm and his vision stemmed from an overwhelming desire to prevent injuries rather than simply treating them as they arose. A proactive rather than reactive approach is still the belief behind Biosymm today.

After some discussion, we decided to pursue the idea of onsite physiotherapy, which we saw as a more proactive approach to treating injured workers. Our knowledge of workplaces and the rehabilitation process ensured the service was saving unnecessary costs associated with the off-site treatment of injured workers.

We travel to any site, anywhere and believe that better health results in better business.