Investing in the health of your employees results in increased productivity and work performance as well as reduced costs associated with absenteeism. Biosymm is committed to:

  • Planning and achieving health goals
  • Targeted periodic medical and wellness programs

Recently our targeted approach to a fixed plant workforce resulted in a 615% increase in employee engagement compared with a program delivered by another provider the year earlier. This created behavioural change and the plant becoming the most engaged workforce on that site. They even opened a juice bar in their crib room to help with their nutritional requirements.

Implementation of health and wellness programs have also been shown to reduce staff turnover, help fulfil corporate social responsibilities as well as improve organisational culture and desirability to prospective employees.

We know that better health results in better business.

Health Promotion

We take a risk based approach specific to individual worker’s needs. Biosymm understands that each employee is an individual with unique needs and requirements. As such, we look at each area of your business and conduct focused checks, rather than a blanket assessment that allows no room for change.