Onsite Physiotherapy

Onsite physiotherapy enables us to provide our injury management and injury prevention service directly to the site. We believe we have the most comprehensive range of services included in our onsite physiotherapy model on the market and with more than 15 years experience in delivering this, you can be sure we will deliver results.



The onsite physiotherapy service allows for an earlier and more effective intervention of an injured worker. Direct communication between the Physiotherapist, worker, supervisor and managers allows for a much more efficient rehabilitation process and leads to optimal return to work outcomes and reduced costs to the business.

Biosymm onsite physiotherapy services include:

  • Injury Management
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Manual Task Training
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Manual Task Assessments
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Acute Injury Training
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

Injury Management:

Our experienced physiotherapists can quickly assess an injured worker at the workplace to deliver:

  • Trusted best practice treatment and advice to the worker on their musculoskeletal condition
  • Education and self-management strategies to the worker including an exercise program
  • Timely feedback to the workplace regarding suitable duties and a treatment plan
  • Expectations to all involved in treatment objectives and functional goals

The success of an Onsite Physiotherapy model is not only grounded in early intervention and better medical management but also has benefits in improving workplace culture and the relationship between employers and their employees.  The graph below highlights some of the results of the recent return to work survey performed by Safe Work Australia.  In the graph, it looks at the biggest influences on return to work outcomes by categorising either a positive or negative experience by the worker.  You will see that, although medical management and focus on return to work has a part to play, there is more impact on return to work by influencing the claims process and the relationship between the worker and employer.  When using the Onsite Physiotherapy model we are influencing almost all of these factors in a positive manner which is, in our opinion, what underpins the success of the program.

We save over 2,000 days per year for sites where we provided onsite physio services full-time, compared with predicted recovery times. For every $1.00 invested, our clients have seen a return of $3.60 on their investment based purely on physiotherapy treatment.

Injury Prevention: 

In addition to early intervention for workplace injuries, our injury prevention services are pro-active measures aimed at managing and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) on site. This can include:

  • Job Task Analysis
  • Ergonomic and Manual Task Assessment
  • Manual Task Training
  • Risk Registers
  • Acute Injury Training
  • Health & Wellness programs

All recommendations provided by Biosymm are not only aimed at reducing the risk of injury but also boosting productivity in the workplace. A participative ergonomics approach to risk is utilised, based on the “Risk Management Framework” in ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – principles and guidelines. This can be aligned to specific standards within the business to ensure compliance with any audits.

Our team proactively get out from behind their desk and involve themselves in the day to day running of their worksites. Their aim is to reduce risk through preventative measures and influence behavioural-based safety.