Pre-Employment Medicals

Don’t let your pre-employment or periodical medical be diluted into a ‘tick and flick’ list. Biosymm’s comprehensive medical assessments accurately identify worker risks in the context of their actual work tasks. We provide reliable and re-testable baseline data for individual workers and the whole

Why Biosymm?

We offer complete pre-employment medical services including:

  • Medical review
  • Audiometric testing
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Respiratory protection device testing
  • Hearing protection device testing
  • Musculoskeletal screening
  • Fitness testing
  • Front line education

We provide you with one comprehensive and cohesive report, outlining the
risks associated with hiring prospective employees, saving you costly re-recruitment and processing expenses. Best of all this assists you choose the right candidate for the job.


We believe that sub-standard pre-employment and periodical medical testing exposes both the employer and employees to risks associated with a mismatch between worker capabilities and the physical demands of the job. This mismatch can lead to unnecessary direct and indirect costs for companies.