Online Home Ergo Assessment

Life Ready Biosymm is now offering a FREE home ergonomic screening and education tool. It will identify those at high risk of injury, offer pathways to further intervention where appropriate and provide practical education.  In addition we have a free home workstation setup guide on how best to set up your home office (click below link to download).

As we navigate these unprecedented times, businesses and organisations are transitioning their employees to work from home for a period of time.


We understand this movement to the workforce is temporary and therefore a full detailed assessment of every worker is not necessary or economically viable. However businesses are aware they still have a duty of care to ensure workers are safe.


We have tailored our online tool to identify short term risk factors, and understand not every home office will have a perfect chair or desk. Therefore our risk scores are geared towards current pain, those finding it difficult to work out how to set things up or those with multiple risk factors identified.


If either you or our screening tool identify anyone who is high risk, in consultation, we can use our proprietary video training platform to assess and advise your team member in their home.  This platform allows us to work with your team, regardless of their location, in a cost effective and socially responsible manner to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These assessments can be offered at $70 per person.


To find out more, please complete the contact form below or call 1300 424 679 and we’ll get you set up with your FREE assessment for your workforce and provide you with the options, if and when, a more detailed service is required. Any other queries don’t hesitate to use the form below to get in contact.