Pain services

Melanie Galbraith is one of few Physiotherapist in Western Australia that has completed a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management), specialising in Pain Management. She has over 20 years of experience across both the public and private sectors in Australia and in the UK. Mel was involved in the development and delivery of the internationally acclaimed STEPS program at the Fremantle Hospital Pain Medicine Unit, and has worked predominately in pain management for the past 8 years. Mel is involved in training workshops upskilling other health professionals in how to achieve more positive outcomes with their patients.

When seeing Mel, you will receive:

  • A passionate clinician that really listens to you and allows you time to tell your story
  • A clinician that understands a collaborative (teamwork) approach is necessary – where you, as the patient, is in the driving seat
  • Expert knowledge in the management of complex and persistent pain issues following latest research evidence
  • WHOPE – “Whole Person Engagement” – persistent pain involves all systems in the body, not just the site of your original injury. With this approach it gives you ‘hope’ for improved function and quality of life
  • Appropriate “hands on” treatment as indicated. Many practitioners who manage patients with persistent pain adopt a fully “hands off” approach. If your body has been moving ‘differently’ for months or years, it is likely there are tight, sore muscles and joints along with some muscle weakness
  • A comprehensive assessment and management plan based on your individual goals

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had pain for 3 months or 30 years, there is still scope for improvement when the correct approach is adopted.